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Return Policy

A.All product purchased from our Official Website (www.universalthrough.com) are provided with a 12-month free warranty service from the date of purchase. Please note that products purchased elsewhere are not covered in this warranty.
B.If you used a discount when purchasing the product, you can only be refunded with the amount you actually paid.

C.For non-quality-related problems, please proceed as follows:
1. Submit a Return request by email within 30 days of delivery. The email must include all the following information:
1) Purchaser’s name.
2) Photos/videos showing the condition of the product and its packaging.

2. The returned product must be in its original condition - unopened. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted.

3. The shipping and related costs will be borne by the buyer (payment on receipt is not accepted).

4. The refund will be processed within a week after receiving the returned product.

D.For quality-related problems, please proceed as follows:
1. Submit a Refund request by email with all the following information:
1) Purchaser’s name.
2) Description of defect.
3) Photos/videos showing the defect.
2. Send the product back to us for assessment if asked. Please note that no refund will be given for products claimed to be defective by the buyer but identified to be in working condition by Universalthrough Quality Control Center.
3. Universalthrough will give a refund or reissue of the product at its discretion.

1. For all return and refund issues, please contact us by email and include all the information required.
2. The email title must follow the format of “return+model number+purchaser’s name” for a return, and “refund+ model number+purchaser’s name” for a refund.
3. Universalthrough reserves the right to final explanation of all above terms.